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Relevance of SAP Basis
With SAP Basis, SAP delivers the foundation of its software. Based on this foundation, SAP applications can be used independently of the operating system and database, interact with each other and be enriched with data. Based on a client/server architecture, SAP Basis includes configuration, a relational database management system, and a graphical user interface.

The SAP Basis team takes care of the entire administration of an SAP system. As a company, you have to decide whether you want to leave the support of your system within your company or place the "Basis" in the hands of an SAP expert.
Analysis and reflection of the existing system configuration
For the SAP basis and its employees, the change in self-understanding results in an attractive, responsible and demanding working environment. Technological diversity can be controlled and kept to the minimum necessary. This includes an overview of the existing interfaces and a controllable data flow with the associated guarantee of data security.

The Security Audit Log (SAL) is one of the most important elements when it comes to security in your SAP landscape. With SAL critical and security relevant activities in SAP systems can be recorded and evaluated. The settings in SAL are relevant for secure continuous operation.

With "Shortcut for SAP Systems" a tool is available that greatly facilitates some tasks in the SAP basis.

From there, it went on to the network team, the storage team, the operating system team, and the database team.

The website offers many useful information about SAP basis.

More widespread is the unintentional dynamization of SQL calls because input parameters are not sufficiently checked.
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