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Root cause analysis
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SAP Basis consultants are experts in consulting. The job of an SAP Basis consultant has many areas of responsibility such as:

Administrators often need to replicate part or all of a database, for example, to create a system backup or test an upgrade before putting it into production. In the past, this was surprisingly difficult to do with most databases. With HANA, replication works instantly and offers richer features and better control than previous databases.
SAP monitoring
Among other things, it determines which application server a user logs on to in order to distribute the workload (load balancing). The message server also enables the individual application servers to communicate with each other.

A customized cloud for the most diverse requirements of medium-sized companies is an important backbone for business success. For this purpose, we accompany digitization projects of our customers from a wide range of industries on an equal footing.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many tasks in the area of the SAP basis much easier.

Therefore, this permission must be added to the appropriate role on both servers.

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If the *.ATT files are present, run only RSEPSUPL in the target system.
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