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SE41 Menu Painter
Preparation of the migration to the SAP HANA database
In principle, exceptionally good knowledge of computer science is essential. In addition, SAP administrators must of course be particularly well versed in this specialist area and be able to deal confidently with all issues relating to SAP solutions. Since they often also work in international companies, it is an advantage if they have a very good command of written and spoken English.

To ensure audit-proof traceability, you should only allow software components and namespaces to be changed on a production system in exceptional cases and for a limited period of time. This should only be done restrictively to prevent manipulation at the production level.
Beta test: secinfo and reginfo Generator for SAP RFC Gateway
Overall, SAP Basis operation requires not only a high-quality technical infrastructure, but also distinct know-how and experience. This is because the management of the underlying SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA platforms has become extremely complex.

What makes using Avantra so interesting is the elimination of manual effort. This frees up SAP technology teams to build new skills.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes it easier and quicker to complete a number of SAP basis tasks.

When you log in to another client or without the appropriate user profile, you can only use the display functions.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

Resetting does not mean that the system is at an old state.
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