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Software Service for SAP (SAP BASIS)
Identify areas for improvement and train the workforce for new technologies
With our newsletter you will receive regular personal information about SAP and our products and services. You can cancel this service at any time. We want you to have real added value.

Consumption Analysis - Result: You have full transparency about your IT environment, which gives you a stronger negotiating position. Licences can be reassigned to ensure the best possible licence usage.
HPC Software Maintenance for SAP - More than SAP Support
Next, you will work with a consultant to determine support levels, hourly service windows, and maximum response times (SLAs). In this way, it is you who design our offer to tailor it entirely to your company, not the other way around.

If you have any technical support queries about our software, please contact us. It is possible to open reports 24 x 7 by e-mail.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful for SAP support.

The SAP provides support packages (SAPK-60735INEAHRCGB, SAPK-60736INEAHRCGB) and SAP Notes (2122631, 2106115, 2106114, 2 126181), a new class that makes the P60 control certificate easily displayed in the ESS.

Our task does not end with the implementation of the IT solution.
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