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Automate SAP system copies
Shutting Down the Target System
With the definition of package groups, the parallel processing of packages can be configured beyond the definition of the order: All defined groups run in parallel to each other. For each group the parameters jobNum, taskArgs and loadArgs can be defined separately.

Third-party tools sometimes have a different focus than TDMS. The tools each offer a more or less generally understandable user guidance and are thus "out-of-the-box" products that do not require external consulting on implementation or application.
On-premises: all involved source/target systems in the company's own data centers
You can manage your SAP system landscape in Google Cloud with SAP Landscape Management, Enterprise Edition (SAP Landscape Management) by installing the Google Cloud Connector for SAP Landscape Management (Connector for LaMa). Google Cloud provides the Connector for LaMa free of charge. You must purchase all required licenses for SAP Landscape Management from SAP.

The suite idea has established itself here as well as in many other software areas. And for good reasons. In addition, such automation tools are moving even more strongly in the direction of the IT topic of system management.

SAP system copy is made much easier by the "Shortcut for SAP Systems" application.

The important thing is to think about the target system before building it.

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In addition, this package includes a tool that, when individual transports are released, checks whether there are any overlaps on the target system with transports that are still open there.
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