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Automation of homogeneous SAP system copies
Tools for SAP test systems
A major risk to the availability of the entire SAP environment arises when system copies are not transferred to the QA system for reasons of time and resources. Development and test work then takes place on a QA system that does not correspond to the production system. The disruption of the production system - sooner or later - is then already pre-programmed.

In order to check whether the usable settings are correctly adjusted, especially in the case of large databases, the runtimes are automatically logged during the BDLS. Based on these results, it is possible to analyze how the runtime can be further optimized. By the way, BDLS reports and optimization options are displayed in the BSC GUI, including modification options.
The system copy
Of course, time savings also mean money savings. In addition, these processes for system copying using such automation tools can be planned, standardized and always run at a high level of process quality. Especially the latter is of great importance in SAP Basis departments (and of course also for service providers).

With Automated System Copy for SAP, an SAP system copy can be scheduled and executed in a parallel mode, which has the advantage of reducing manual intervention to a minimum. In addition, daily work can continue as normal. Rehau had already been using the software provider's Business Automation platform for cross-platform scheduling of complex job chains since 2004. The existing installation was expanded to include the module for creating SAP system copies.

Use "Shortcut for SAP Systems" to make a required SAP system copy easier and faster.

Individual steps know exactly where they have to restart the actual copy run in the event of an error.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

The IMIG system copy (Incremental Migration) is an alternative if: - The system is very large or is large and contains a few very large tables and many smaller tables - An acceptable downtime cannot be achieved using conventional methods.
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