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SAP system copy and the cloud
Technical system copy for the upgrade
Tests are already worthwhile for the introduction of SAP solutions in the company and also for release upgrades and migration projects, the import of patches, customizing, modifications and in-house developments. A three-tier SAP landscape typically consists of development, test and production systems. In addition, there are often training systems.

Installation continues until the 'Load Data' phase. Here the program waits for successfully exported packages and starts the import as soon as a package has been exported.
Planning Guide for the Connector for SAP Landscape Management
An SAP system copy is an important part of a company's IT operations, as it helps reduce the risk of data loss. However, it is important to regularly schedule and monitor the creation of system copies to ensure that a working copy of the system is available in the event of an emergency.

RFC data transfer was completed within 1 day. Effort decreases from 1st test to 2nd test to final copy.

With "Shortcut for SAP Systems", tasks in the area of SAP system copying are simplified and can also be automated via the command line interface.

This means that you have all production data available on your test system in a short time.

Some useful tips about SAP basis can be found on

Depends on the extent of splitting and the degree of parallelization.
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